Time truly does change all things, persons, and situations, for better or for worse.

The tricky part is differentiating which are important to you and which were important to you, and then making a choice…

We can spend our lives trying to rebuild the past or we can live our lives shaping the future, and while the later is a much more daunting task, challenging us to explore uncharted grounds and experience the unexperienced, it is said to be far more rewarding than striving in vain to alter what has already been written.

Of course, the choice is ultimately left solely to the individual, but it should be warned that even the most fruitiful of dreams cannot change the direction of another, for that is their own choice to make alone…

Just a little quirp from Life’s a Bitch: The Philosophies of the Funny Man, by Scott Sevener – due out six months from whenever someone would like to pay me some big-time cash to ramble on and on about my own personal problems and their resolutions.

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