A Little of This, a Little of That…

I think the dog’s mad at me because I don’t hardly ever take her for walks anymore. It kinda sucks because I enjoyed them, too, but she might as well get used to it now because I don’t see anybody else doing it…

I want to start playing guitar again, but I don’t have the time. I want to get back into diving again, but I don’t have the time. I want to start working on about three different books, but I just don’t have the time. I think I need to hire a personal assistant.

I don’t care what anybody says anymore – I enjoy Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Maybe it counterbalances the testosterone rush from American Chopper or something, but I’m not going to write off a show just because a bunch of my friends are homophobes.

The latest Phillip Morris commercial has me confused – why is it necessary for the company to advertise against the use of its own product just because it’s unhealthy? I don’t smoke anymore and I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone on the planet now understands that they’re not good for you, but you certainly don’t see McDonalds toting 90-second ads about how eating tons of their burgers will make you fat or Microsoft telling us that their software will be the ultimate downfall of your computer. Whatever happened to Joe Camel, anyways? Now he was cool…

I’d really like a new pair of Oakleys for the 20+ hour car ride I’ve got coming up here shortly, but I’m not so sure that I can justify the price tag right now. The last pair I had broke about a year ago and I’ve been wearing a cheap pair from Wal-Mart ever since, but they’re just not the same! The problem is that I’ve got so many different things that I could splurge on, it’s a very tough decision, if I even decide to splurge at all. Maybe I’ll make it a last minute thing on the way out of town or something – we’ll see!

I think I picked up a bad carton of ice cream earlier this week. Mooney’s has always been my favorite and their peanut butter cup is like a little taste of heaven, but if I just wanted a bowl full of peanut butter, I’d have grabbed a jar of JIF instead.

I really need to find the time to put some touch-up paint on my car this weekend because I really can’t picture myself having the time or place to do so down south. They’re only a couple of tiny chips, but I did already spend five bucks on the paint. I’d also like to get in to see the dentist before my insurance expires, but I think the paint has a better chance at this point!

Tomorrow I’m putting in a little OT at work because, well, it’s getting down to cut time and I’m sure the extra money will be nice at one point! My boss has still yet to show any interest at all in my departure, although he did mention something about taking up a collection to get me a stripper or two as a going-away present. I think he was kidding, but it’s more fun to pretend that he wasn’t!

Only 9 days left at work and 14 days until I’m halfway to Florida – talk about the anticipation. Woot!

And finally, I made it a point to get completely caught up with my e-mail this evening, some of which has been piling up for several weeks now. I’ve got so much to do and it seems like just none of it is getting finished – time is not something that I’ve got an abundance of anymore, but instead of making some headway, the wheels are just a spinnin’! Hopefully this weekend will be a little better than the last…

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