The World Trade Center, two years after ground zero

Earlier this evening I watched a couple of documentaries about the World Trade Center, its collapse, and the plans for rebuilding it, and I just can’t help but thinking what a cool job it would be to be the Master Planner behind the creation of the new landmark. I know it sounds kinda weird, possibly even a bit morbid if you’re truly jaded, but the complexity involved with such a project just astounds me – there are so many different people that these buildings need to cater to, from the office workers and other large-scale corporations who will take up office space to the common passers-by that might just dine in the restaurants or tour the prominade below to all those who lost their loved ones in the attack – so much to do, and yet I have no doubt in my mind that Daniel Libeskind will see that everything comes together wonderfully and nearly everyone walks away happy…

(I say nearly everyone because I remember one very brief scene in a meeting where one of the victim’s family members expressed how she thought it was horrible that this was supposed to be a memorial, yet they’d no doubt be selling t-shirts and bumper stickers not far away, to which I suppose I can only respond that hey, this place is still in the epicenter of the largest commercial district in the world, memorial or no memorial. Besides, there’s no way that it could possibly be any worse than right after the attacks and every street corner had people selling flags and stickers and anything else they could paint red, white & blue to make a few bucks…)

I’ve never been to New York City, so I didn’t get to see the WTC before all of this happened, but I really wish I had. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely make it a point to see the finished project here in another 10 years when it all gets rebuilt. That should certainly be a sight to see!


  1. ahh and HERE i find you talking MORBID again! i watched the 9-11 programming last night as well. actually enjoyed finding out about all of the less-publicized behind-the-scenes happenings at the white house and with the president. huey lewis in the news? are you an american psycho fanatic?

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