Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb…

Where has the summer gone? No, seriously – it’s freakin’ August already! It won’t be long before there’s snow and ice all over the ground and Santa Claus starts doing his thing once again…he does deliver to the beach, though, doesn’t he???

Random Notes:

  • Among many others, I watched Batman: The Movie last night and if someone can show me an awesome-r film from said genre, I will eat a live frog.
  • I made a giant fruit salad this evening in hopes of somewhat controlling my diet over the next week. All the colors of the rainbow were represented in this concoction, with the exceptions of blue and purple because, well, what the hell fruits are blue and purple?
  • Only sixteen more days and two balloon payments and I will completely own my first car, and that will totally rock.
  • I watched the majority of Blue Crushas well and even though the plot seemed a little shaky, I think I actually enjoyed. This could very well be simply because Kate Bosworth is extremely hot, but what’s wrong with that?!
  • I also got a fairly nice photo of a rainbow while I was driving around lost in the country over the weekend. I wouldn’t say that it necessarily inspiredthe fruit salad, but you never know…
  • Instead of finishing up the four or five extended writing projects that I have already, I started a new one this weekend – a story entitled Leaving Miami. It was partially inspired by the short stories at the end of Drew Carey’s book, Dirty Jokes and Beer, and partially because I really wanted to get off my ass and start writing some fiction again. I’m going to hold off on posting it online until I get at least a half a dozen or so chapters done, but I’ve already written the opening chapter and parts of two others and I’m already very pleased at how it looks.
  • Correction: grapescan indeed be purple, but I’m still stumped on the blue one.
  • Today my Mom offered to buy me a plane ticket to Florida for my birthday so that I can go do interviews and find a place to live and whatnot. I turned her down and told her that I would find something else for her to get me, but I actually do have my reasons…believe it or not.
  • Bulleted points are fun!
  • Just Laugh’s biggest promotional venture, the Weenie Awards, are coming up here again in less than a month and I haven’t put the slightest thought into who deserves to be nominated this year.
  • In roughly two weeks, I’ll be in the Upper Peninsula taking pictures of waterfalls and I’m quite looking forward to it.
  • I thinkI’ve convinced my sister that she should be drawing her comic more often because it’s very good and more people would read it, but I’m never 100% sure until the next strip hits my desk and it’s really aggravating.
  • New strings finally showed up for my acoustic guitar, but I never got around to putting them on and actually playing this weekend…and the next week doesn’t exactly look good, either.
  • I’ve also owned the latest Harry Potter novel for over a month and I’ve yet to read a single page of it.
  • But my new fish seem to be getting along quite well and have managed to avoid killing each other for a week or two now, so that should certainly count for something!
  • I need to stop bulleting and just go to bed…But tomorrow is another day. Woo-ha!


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