…something needs to be recalled, but it’s certainly not the governor…

Dear California,

We really hoped that you’d have figured it out by now, but apparently you’re just arrogant enough to ride this thing out until the very end. You’re in debt more than any other state in the union and claim the wealthiest people and corporations in the world, yet it’s still this one single guy’s fault for the whole damn thing. Debt has never really pulled its weight as being a huge problem with anyone else in the past, but this time it’s happening to you, so suddenly it’s a gigantic problem that can only be solved by spending even more money.

Congratulations, you’ve affirmed the stereotype as being the blond-haired, blue-eyed surf bum who has absolutely no idea what’s actually going on around him. When the greenbacks settle and you finally realize that you’ve elected a fucking has-been movie star as your leader – a man who can hardly pronounce the phrase ‘fiscal deficit,’ let alone tell you what it means – don’t come crying to the rest of us. We told you to let Gray finish what he started, but what do we know, anyways? We’re not California



The Other 49 States, Many of Whom Are Also Led by Imperfect Governors, Yet Somehow Have Managed to Fucking Deal with It…


  1. He has to win, otherwise he can never be president! That would mean that Demolition Man wasn’t a true vision of the future, and I COULDN’T LIVE WITH THAT!

  2. Arnold cannot be allowed reign over anything more than a Planet Hollywood or chaos will ensue.

    I will admit that not all Californians are idiots – it’s just a shame that you’re surrounded by so many in a society where the majority rules.

    Also, Demolition Man was a movie. Mind you, a very good movie with a Taco Bell on every corner, but a movie nonetheless. Arnold must not win.

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