Time well spent?

I spent roughly six and a half hours of my Wednesday at the longest job interview in the world, but I think this one has some serious potential…finally! I still have to go back in Friday afternoon and take one more test, but I did make it through most of the stages already so hopefully this last one is just a technicality and they’ll be ready to hire once I get it out of the way.

So tomorrow, as much as I shouldn’t just put all of my faith in this one job, is going to be my day off / catch-up day. Mostly I’ll be driving around in search of the best route between the potential job site and the potential apartment complex, but I also want to get all of my articles for this week done early, in the instance that I actually get to move into an apartment this weekend! Factor in Survivor and my day’s pretty much shot, anyways…

Oh yes, and I’ve finally settled it – I’m going to put together a book by Christmas – not involving anyone else this time, but just me and my columns. I won’t really have a good look at the status of the layout until I get everything unpacked, but I think I’ve only got about fifteen more columns left to write so it should actually all come together pretty easily. What a perfect gift idea for Christmas / Chanukah / Boxing Day!

You’d buy a copy, wouldn’t you?

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