Life’s been good to me so far…

Well, if you haven’t already heard the news, it looks like I’m gonna be staying around these here parts for a while!

It turns out that lady luck truly was on my side Friday afternoon, as I went back to the employment office, took a couple more tests on the computer, and walked out the door an hour later with a slip to report to work Monday morning – very cool, indeed! It’s going to be a lot different from what I’ve been used to previously – only getting half an hour for lunch (…and not being able to go over…or go home, for that matter…), working by the hours that have been set in stone for me, and not being able to work on my other writing projects during the slow times, but then again, the difference in pay should be worth it alone and besides, I’m in Florida now!

So the only thing that I’ve still got to work out is my apartment – there’s going to be a bit of a struggle because I don’t really have a rental history and thus they think they’re going to be getting a huge deposit from me in exchange! Surprisingly enough, I don’t have a couple thousand dollars for these people to sit on for the next year and I’ve told them this several times, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I’m still confident that I’ll be moving in by the middle of next week, as soon as we work this little part out…

Bringing things up to speed, today I went shopping and spent a bunch of money that should’ve gone towards that previously-mentioned deposit (don’t tell anybody!). I picked up a new alarm clock, both because I forgot my old one back in Michigan and the hotel’s clock isn’t exactly what I’d call dependable – I’m not getting fired on my first day because the radio decided not to go off! I also took a brief trip to the mall and bought myself some official “business clothes” because apparently old t-shirts and shorts with holes in them don’t fit into the category of “business casual.” I didn’t, however, buy new shoes and I left my dress shoes up north, too, so hopefully that won’t be much of an issue. I also splurged and finally bought an optical mouse for my laptop for like $20, which is approximately a million times more sensitive than the one that came with it. Overall, I did spend a big chunk of money, but I’ve been down here for two weeks already and that’s actually showing a considerable amount of control, if you ask me!

I’m still trying to catch up on my writing, as the next few days are going to be a bit crazy once I actually get the ok to start transferring stuff from the hotel to the apartment, but I’m really looking forward to getting my office set back up again, full-sized computers and all, and actually being able to get some real work done again! I’m at least an issue and a couple of special projects behind with Just Laugh, at least one comic behind with Ink, Paint & Tears, and I’ve got a whole lot of e-mail to follow up on that I just haven’t been bothering with via my laptop so far. Even when I do get moved in, the next several weeks will no doubt be quite hectic as I fight to play catch-up, but it’s all good.

“Why is that?” you ask?

Because I’m finally living in Florida!!! Woo hoo!


  1. you’re here, you’re alive!

    congratulations! I LOVE HOTEL ROOMS! not just because there are a hundred sleazy things you can do in them, but you get cable, room service, and you don’t have to make your bed.

    welcome to the sunshine state… i hope you left all of your sweaters up north.


  2. Re: you’re here, you’re alive!

    Sleazy things??? Oh, not in this hotel room!

    Let’s take a closer look:

    — cable – I used to get over 250 channels, now I get 15
    — room service – involves me actually getting up and transferring something from the frost bin to the microwave
    — the bed – I actually make my own bed anyways so the maid doesn’t have to…until this morning, I haven’t been up before she came anyways and it saves having strangers wandering around my room

    But what can I expect for $30 a night, really? The HoJo has served me well, indeed, but tomorrow will be quite the happy day!

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