My first day at work downtown was quite interesting, to say the very least! It only took me about fifteen minutes to get there and figure out where the entrance to the parking garage is, thus leaving plenty of time for me to walk around the city streets completely disoriented and lost – I actually walked through a jungle at one point, which was both a little startling and totally rad at the same time. One minute I’m wandering aimlessly, the next I’ve got tropical birds sqwalking in my ears – I’m going back tomorrow!

Pretty much the whole day was like summer camp to me – I’m in a class with the cool teacher and I get to listen to the other classes getting yelled at on either side of us! The view from the 20th floor is simply amazing and I can’t wait to get my camera fixed so that I can share the sights with everyone else! We’ve got a perfect view of the entire city from where we’re at now, so I can only imagine what it’ll be like when we finish training and move up another eleven floors…

Oh yes, and tomorrow evening after work I’m moving into my apartment…or at least transporting all of my stuff from both my car and the hotel room to their permanent home! With any luck, though, hopefully I’ll find a bed within the next day or so, too, and it’ll be bye-bye-bye hotel for good! I’m just happy that not only did we manage to work out the whole extra deposit deal with the apartment itself, but I even was able to get out of paying any deposit whatsoever to get the electricity up and running by the time I show up tomorrow night because apparently my credit is just that good. 🙂

The only obstacle left in my way now is the amount of time it will take Brighthouse to come out and hook me back into the land of make believe with 300+ channels of warm, digital goodness! I can almost feel the anticipation of this weekend from here…


  1. …in the jungle, the mighty jungle…


    (Follow the link above and click on the area that’s marked “Downtown South” for reference.)

    I work in the Tampa City Center (otherwise known as the Verizon building) – just above dot 52 on the map. Across the street to the west is the Hyatt Regency (a la dot 51), which connects to the City Center via a causeway across the “road” below…except that it’s not technically a road there, it’s actually a long park that features a multitude of greenery and other jungle-like plants.

    Oddly enough, I had some time this afternoon and went down there again and didn’t hear the birds at all – it was a little warmer weather than the day before, so there’s actually a good possibility that they were, in fact, real birds. Cool, eh?

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