Where’d my throat go??? Seriously.

For those of you not in the know, I’ve been sick recently. That having been said, I’ve also been experimenting with some new drugs to help remedy the problem and I’ve come across these new lozenges that are just fabulous. They’re said to help with the pain of a sore throat by “numbing key regions of the mouth” and boy, do they do just that! I first tried one at work last night and I was concerned for a while if I’d be able to talk on the phone anymore that night – they have some sort of anesthetic in them which just numbs the hell out of pretty much anything it touches, so within probably fifteen minutes the pain was gone, but so was the feeling in roughly 2/3 of my tongue. An interesting solution, but one that I wish I’d found much earlier, nonetheless…

And how cool is my Grandpa? Apparently he had my name in the family drawing, so Friday night I came home to find a box from Amazon.com in the mail containing the first two seasons of Family Guy on DVD – woot!

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