Where’d Scott go?

Man, talk about a busy summer! What I wouldn’t give right now to just be able to sit on a secluded beach for about a week with a margarita in one hand and the new Harry Potter book in the other… No deadlines, no stress, no “Am I going to get the job or not?”s – just peace and quiet as I follow a young wizard through a predictable, yet always intriguing set of adventures, the only background noise for miles being the sound of the ocean waves crashing up against the shore. That would be very nice, indeed!

But it ain’t gonna happen any time soon, and especially not this week! I finished up a group of almost ten columns last week for the paper, highlighting all of the goodies to be found at Alpenfest this week, and now I’ve got three more to write before Thursday already; this week also marks the 50th issue of Just Laugh, so of course a special presentation is being put together for all of that; and on top of it all, I’m still backed up in trying to finish about five increasingly old projects that I wanted to take care of during my “free month” of June. I’ve only got one or two more paragraphs to write for the one that I wanted to finish tonight, but alas I’m here writing this instead…

So what’s been happening lately that’s actually fun? Hmmm – last night Lori helped me mat a couple of pictures that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now, which was both fun and a learning experience at the same time. We ended up going through almost both of the full sheets that I had bought, due to slipping and other stupid mistakes, but you’ve gotta learn somehow, right? It’s really too bad that we don’t have a good store that sells the stuff closer than 150 miles away because I’ve got more that could be done and we were getting pretty good at it, but save some for tomorrow, eh?! I also cleaned out a fish tank tonight…because apparently its previous state was considered a form of animal cruelty…but you can actually see inside now and I think the fish are at least somewhat grateful! Other than that, it’s pretty much just been me sitting in front of a keyboard, pounding out literary genius from dusk until dawn – I live a crazy and exciting life, I’ll tell ya!

And what does this life have in store for our hero next week? Adventure? Romance? Maybe even a new job, even though it’s almost certain that somebody else already got it instead? Stay tuned for all of the latest details – same BatTime, same BatJournal…

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