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Woo hoo!!!

After waiting over a month, was finally able to get my order shipped correctly and now I find myself proud to boast that my home network also offers wireless access as well as the traditional wires that have held me down for the past years. I was quite surprised to find that it really only took me a few minutes to set the entire thing up, and then maybe another fifteen to configure the security and keep out the locals and whatnot – not bad, really. So now that’s one less cable running across my living room, and better yet I can watch The Simpsons without getting out of bed – rock on!

In other news, obviously morale was very low at work today. We did have a couple of meetings and some dates and numbers were thrown around, so now I know that I at least have the potential to be around for another five months or so. It’s really sad because a large chunk of people took all of their personal effects home today to avoid having to deal with it at the random time that they get sent home themselves – it just makes the place seem so empty and foreign, almost like it did a year and a half ago when we started this whole thing. Nonetheless, I’m keeping all of my stuff there until the end, for two reasons – 1) I couldn’t bear to sit at an empty desk myself; 2) I haven’t cleaned that thing in God knows how long anyways, so if I can somehow get out of the final cleaning, all the better!

Regardless, at this point I’m keeping the frame of mind that the company will be able to relocate myself and many of my co-workers to other departments when this is all said and done – it’s all that I can do, really. After the holidays pass us by, I’ll definitely start to get my resume in order and whatnot, but if I can somehow get through all of this mess and remain under the same employer (…and benefit plans…), that would be ideal. Anyways, tomorrow is another day – we’re having a potluck at work and I’ll be waking up to the wonderful aroma of simmering meatballs in a few hours…life could be worse!

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