So much for the spirit of the season…

Well, the gauntlet finally came down today at work – they laid off 20 people right off the bat and it’ll all be done in a matter of months now. I was pretty calm and collected when it happened earlier this evening, but now I’m beginning to get a little more than concerned. In theory, I should be around for a while because the temp workers should go first, but I guess you really just never know and this is the kind of business where you’d simply be too big of a liability if they were to give you notice. Whatever happens, it’s going to be very hard to sit there and watch as some of the best friends that I’ve made down here get walked out the door.

…and just when I was nearly finished getting myself out of debt and back on a solid financial track – fucking wonderful.

Today was a cold day in Tampa.


  1. That sucks. 🙁 One nice thing about being a college student, I guess…I’m still a bit sheltered from the “real world” and having a “career.”

    Please tell me that if you do get laid off, you’ll write an ingenious virus called “MoneyStealingWorm.A” and steal lots of money. Like in Superman 3.

    Ah, I’m bored, can you tell?

  2. …yeah, I don’t think that would work, as my department was based around cellular technologies and such. Maybe I could score some free minutes or something, but that’s about it…

    And before anyone gets any crazy ideas and considers flipping out, that was a joke. You can never be too careful…

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