…clear skies are here to stay…

Also, after many long years of searching, I was finally graced with a new desktop application that allows me to uninstall The Weather Channel’s Desktop Weather forever!!! Such a bloated waste of computing power – it should not take 35 megs of memory to tell me what the temperature outside is… 😛

Konfabulator – simply put, it’s “whatever you want it to be!” From clock and sticky notes applets to desktop weather and all sorts of live feeds, this nifty little app allows you to run dozens of pre-developed and user-developed applets (or widgets, as they opt to call them), and if you’re really creative and would like to put your JavaScript skills to the test, feel free to create a widget of your own! Plus, they boast those shiny graphics and transparency features that we all crave nowadays, making your desktop resemble OS X all the more…

I’ve only dabbled with a handful of the bundled widgets included in the 7 MB install, but add-ons are small enough that even a dial-up user could essentially go to town. The largest selling point, though? I can run multiple instances of the weather widget to see just how freezing it is up north compared to here at home…or anywhere else in the world, if you want to nitpick!

They’ve got my stamp of approval – very cool, indeed!

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