Ok, pop quiz…

I just bought a new combination napkin holder / salt & pepper shaker set which is vastly superior to the cheap, plastic things that I’ve been using thus far, but I have one problem – the shakers aren’t marked in any way except for the fact that one has three holes in the top and the other has five. Which one is for salt and which one is for pepper???

Come on, team – I’m counting on ya! Don’t let me down!!!


  1. then you thought wrong. three is salt. also, i will explain why now, so that i don’t have to log in and make another post because i know you’re going to ask why.

    salt is very small. it is ground very fine. in order to keep it from drowning your food, there are only three holes on top.

    pepper, on the other hand, is usually ground into flakes and chips. there are five holes on a pepper shaker to allow for the size of the pepper inside.

    of course, these are not government enforced, and you can put either substance in either container. many people further regulate their salt shaker use by first pouring the salt into their hand, then proceeding to distribute it upon their food.

  2. Oddly enough, I realized as I was filling one that I don’t even have any pepper. Regardless, it’s good to know that at least my salt is in the proper receptacle. Thank you!!!

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