New Years, New Times…

January 2, 2004 8:12pm

Well, I’m happy to report that I’m nearly to the end of my bag ‘o antibiotics and my throat has just about returned to its normal, non-swollen self! I’ll tell ya, this is probably the first time that I’ve been really sick in a long time, and you really tend to take advantage of things like eating solid foods and not choking on yourself when the time passes like that…

Anyways, New Years Eve was rather quiet down on this edge of the water. I ended up just staying home and finally finishing up Order of the Phoenix, so now I’m stuck in that Harry Potter-less void like the rest of you for the next year or so! It was kind of depressing at the end, not exactly how I thought things would turn out, but I think that’s just because I knew that the next book in the series hasn’t even been written yet… 🙁 Throw in a short break to watch the fireworks from my balcony and that was pretty much my entire evening – woot!

I do have a few resolutions, too – give me a minute or two and maybe I’ll share them with you!

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