The Resolutions

After some careful thought, I’ve decided that five is a good number to shoot for with resolutions – enough to make the whole effort seem worthwhile, yet not so much to feel overwhelming all the same. They’ve been numbered for organization’s sake, but there really isn’t any specific importance of one over another…

1. Ease Up on the Procrastination – At work, at home, just about anywhere, I’ve always been one to follow the mantra of “Hard work pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.” While that’s always been great and all in the past, I think that this is the year to get up and actually do something…at least every once in a while!
2. Lose the Weight – The doc told me when I went in during my sick phase that I was a bit heavy for my age and although I resented it at the time, I know that he’s right. At the point that I’m at right now, dropping twenty pounds would be a huge deal for me and should put me back in the proper range, so that’s what I’ll be shooting for this time around.
3. Pay Off the Bills – Point blank, I owe too many companies too much money, so that’s probably one of my biggest goals this year – to get myself completely, or at least a good portion, out of debt. It may mean some long hours and a decline in the amount of playtime that I have, but this really needs to be taken care of once and for all.
4. Finish and Put Out a Book – The idea’s been kicking around for quite some time, but this year I actually want to make the dream a reality. A sub-goal here is that I really want to focus on my writing in 2004 and see just how far I can push it, but I think a compilation book of my previous columns could certainly be a step in the right direction!
5. See More of Florida – I’ve been here for something like three months now and although it’s been really great and I’ve made lots of friends, it seems like we never actually go out and do anything. I still haven’t been to Disney World, or the Seminole Casino, or even the Florida Aquarium, so it’s time to get out and start exploring this new state! If others want to tag along, then that’s just great, but I’m not holding back anymore because everybody else’s already seen it…

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