…not so friendly after all…

I don’t like even admitting this, but I reluctantly joined…Friendster the other night.

Mind you, this was the same service that I mocked a year or whatever ago, but a friend of mine made a convincing argument and I actually fell for it! It turns out, however, that Friendster has another interesting feature, along with allowing folks to network via e-mail with other friends, and that feature is that every time I loaded their page, I somehow could no longer view graphics on any web page until I rebooted Internet Explorer! I first thought it was just their problem because I had difficulty loading a lot of the photos, but then I went to my own site and suddenly couldn’t see anything of mine, either, and that just doesn’t sit well for my ego at all!

So for the three friends of mine that use Friendster, it’s back to regular, old e-mail-ster for now because I’m never, ever visiting that “service” again. If I need to reboot just to check out a little porn in between friends, then it simply isn’t worth my time…


  1. i do not use it but i have an account and i don’t know my password and i don’t care.

    you are never ever online anyway, so there is no chatting to be done.

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