ONLINE voting, anyone???

Ok, so here’s a question – we live in the age of technology and information…why can’t we vote over the Internet yet?

I mean, seriously, some of the folks I talked to sat in line for hours – who has time for that in this day and age?! Maybe I’m missing something important here – fill me in if I’m wrong – but with a nice chunk of government funding for security and encyption purposes and a system to retrieve your online voting pinin lieu of a voter’s registration card, could it really be any worse than…

  • the grand, old butterfly ballot / hanging chad incident of 2000
  • random voting booths around the country not being counted because they weren’t…plugged in 🙁
  • citizens rising from the grave to cast their ballots for democracy
  • prank calls informing voters that their precincts have been changed to mislead the gullible
  • identity theft / voting twice / absentee ballots lost in the mail / etcAll I’m saying is that with the last several elections having gone by with such tiny margins, maybe this would be a good alternative to help up those turn-out rates…

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