Saturday Night’s Alright for Writing…

…and Sunday ain’t too shabby, either.

Well, nearly every moment of this gloriously warm weekend was spent inside at the mercy of a computer, but I am quite happy, nonetheless, to announce that nearly half of the content for my revamp of has finally been completed. It’s not online just yet, as I didn’t have that much time, but we’re getting there. I’m figuring another week or two, tops, and then I can direct my attention back towards getting Just Laugh where I want it to be again. Lots and lots of notes have been collecting with ideas for projects in that area as well, so if you’re funny and have some time to kill, I may very well need your assistance here shortly!

Oh yeah, and Rob pointed out to me today that somebody might be facing a lawsuit here in the near future. Fucking cyber-squatters will never learn! Registered trademark, say what???

Mr. Tran – if you do happen to read this, it would certainly be a good idea for you to contact me before our lawyer contacts you…

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