The Incredible, Edible Egg

Folks, I have another kitchen-type question for y’all – do they still make those racks specially designed to hold deviled eggs?

Reason being, I had a bunch of eggs in the refrigerator that never even got opened, so I decided to devil-up a bunch of them as opposed to simply throwing them out. I’m proud to admit that they turned out wonderfully and only one or two remain after only a couple of days. They were so yummy, in fact, that now I want to make some more, but one of the problems that I ran into before was finding a container to hold the completed eggs, should the situation arise where I don’t scarf down the entire batch in one fell swoop.

I know I’ve seen them before – they’re basically just trays with many egg-shaped indentions for holding the eggs, but do they actually still exist? Sure, I could just drive out to Wal-Mart and look for myself, but if somebody out there can lend their own culinary knowledge and save me a trip, all the better! And if they don’t exist, what else might you suggest that I use in their place?

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  1. hey there (I’m meg’s cousin, came here through her friend list)
    yes, tupperware makes a wicked deviled-egg storage container–it has little trays that are removable so you can use it as a flat-bottomed container too. I actually got it from meg’s mom when she was on a tupperware binge. I’m not sure where you could get them in stores, but try ebay.
    in a pinch I think the egg carton could hold a few, and maybe forming some dividers with aluminum foil would work for flat containers.
    damn. now I want deviled eggs.
    good luck!

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