The journey comes to a close…

Well, the word on the street is that we’ll be going home tomorrow, although like anything else with this company, that could change at a moment’s notice! Nonetheless, it’s certainly been a fun trip…and a very nice paid vacation to boot, so if all good things must come to an end, then I guess that I can’t leave this one too disappointed.

The Highlights:

  • The camaraderie with co-workers (awwww…) and learning things about them that I would’ve never guessed…or wanted to know in some cases!
  • Coming to learn that although the folks at Steak ‘n Shake haven’t the foggiest idea what Eggs Benedict are, they’ve got no qualms about serving up a glass of Coke with a healthy heaping of hot fudge at the bottom.
  • Never setting foot at the actual disaster recovery site, much less doing any real work.
  • Going bowling and realizing that it’s actually not the horrible experience that I remember from my high school and pre-high school days. In fact, I’ve learned this year that most things really aren’t… 😛
  • And of course, getting paid about sixty hours worth of overtime for the whole thing ain’t too shabby, either!Now just get me through the alleged twenty hour trip home and I’ll be happy! Atlanta, you’ve treated us well…

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