Trample off, eh!

Heed my words – if you don’t own the Brother Bear DVD, then you need to stop whatever you’re doing and go get yourself a copy right now!!!


I watched this movie twice this weekend, and not just because it was a great animated film, mind you! The story was touching and the graphics were superb, but the real gold here is in the audio commentary, and I can already tell what you’re thinking because I thought the exact same thing. I own well over a hundred DVDs and I’ve actually listened to the commentaries on maybe four of them because, really, who cares about how difficult the lighting conditions were to shoot under or what Demi Moore’s like before she’s had her coffee? Nonetheless, this commentary is a little different…

How so, you ask? Well, this particular commentary was actually done Mystery Science Theater 3000-style by the two hilarious moose from the story, Rutt and Tuke (although you might remember them a bit better as Bob and Doug McKenzie of Strange Brew). They basically spend the entire length of the movie making comments (hence commentary), poking fun at each other, and generally screwing around – I think I can honestly say that I had more fun watching this than I did watching the actually movie…and I did like the movie, too.

It’s been twenty-some years since the world has gotten to experience those fellas from The Great White North, and it was sure a hoot to see hear them back on screen again. Buy it now – it’ll be the best twenty bucks you’ve spent in a while…no pun intended…

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