It’s on, baby!

Well, it’s now official – as of 5:00 PM, the Battle of the Bulge has begun and this time, I’m not taking no for an answer…

After four months two years of making absolutely ziltch for progress in the game of weight loss, I had the bright idea to kick things up a notch and make it all a little more interesting. You see, Kurt has been wanting to lose the poundage for a while now, too, so we’ve opted to make a bit of a competition out of it. The goal – lose 30 lbs. before the other guy. The prize – more or less, an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World. Sweet, eh?

I can tell already that I’m going to have to do some shopping this weekend and restock my kitchen with some healthier foods, but it should all be worth it in the end. Even if I don’t win (which I will), if this is the motivation that it takes to whittle this gut back down into something that doesn’t scare the kids at the beach, then so be it! I’ll be sure to make regular reports as the pounds melt away, so wish me luck!

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