And not a moment too soon!

I just finished my taxes…finally.

I feel a little better about my federal return, though, as I managed to whittle it down to the point where I only had to write a check for $51 and honestly, I’m just absolutely tickled pink by that! Of course, the entire return ended up being NINE PAGES LONG and it took me roughly three months to fill out, but at least it’ll be a little easier for next year, right?

That having been said, the State of Michigan can kiss my ass!!! The money I made up there wasn’t even comparable to what I get down here, and yet those greedy fucks managed to get a chunk of it anyways. Sure, it looks like they’re dividing things up equally when you’re filling the forms out, but all I know is that I wrote a similar check to the State that was only $10 shy of my federal return, which is absolutely ridiculous. Well, enjoy it while you can, guys, because that was the last year that you’ll be getting a dime from me…

Thank God it’s finally over for another year!

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