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April 12, 2004 1:31am
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[Late weekend post … deal with it.]

What an interesting Easter holiday, I’ll tell ya! Kurt and Nikki were kind enough to invite me over to their family gathering because the commute would’ve been a bit much for me, and it’s certainly nice to see that my family isn’t the only dysfunctional one on the block! Not so much fighting, per se, but they’ve definitely got their “less-favorite family members” just like we do…but nonetheless, it was a fun afternoon – definitely nice to get out of the house. We hid eggs for the kids, played a little darts, and ate lots of food – and I made my famous deviled eggs, which went over fabulously!

Easter never was that big of a holiday for us, but after seeing the other perspective by watching the kids, I can see the appeal – not just yet, though…

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