a unique business opportunity…

Every once in a while, I’ll get an e-mail in my box asking about Just Laugh’s Joke Database and if I can help other sites establish something similar as well. I’ve pretty much blown them off in the past, but I got another the day before last and it makes me wonder if maybe I should take them more seriously and give ’em a shot. I would assume that it wouldn’t be too difficult to put together a template interface to sell, feeding off of our original database, and then slap a monthly charge or something for usage on-top of that.

Would it be considered in poor taste to be profiting off of jokes that I didn’t technically write, or just smart management because everybody pretty much steals from each other to build their own repositories anyways?

Maybe not right this second, but I would like to get to a point where I could start actively updating that baby once again…perhaps even kick the total up over the 1,000 mark!!! Hmmm, now the gears are spinning and I wish that I had the time to run a full-size production like Just Laugh again… 😛

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