“The March ’05 Update” (…part 1, hopefully)

Wow – long time, no postings…so you know what that means – bullet points!!!

  • Life, in general, is going quite well, indeed…
  • Leslie is still around, starring in the role of my girlfriend, and from a relationship stand-point I’ve never been happier. We’ll be going on two months here shortly, but it seems like we’ve been together much longer already.
  • Work, in most respects, is still good also, even though it is becoming quite cumbersome – hopefully the entire ordeal will be over soon and I can get settled into a normal routine again. Also, last week they announced that we’ll be moving out of the Tampa City Center downtown and into a corporate campus up in New Tampa at the end of the year – it’ll take some getting used to, but should be a nice change.
  • Along those same lines, I’m also looking for a house up in the New Tampa area which is kind of exciting…if not simply because I’m ready to go somewhere else. I do still like the Town ‘N Country area and kind of wish that I could stick around this area, but between the lousy neighbors and the commute that I have to deal with everyday…and the new commute that I would have from here to New Tampa, maybe it’s all for the best. We’ll see! 🙂
  • I know I’m always way behind in the times with these things, but I started played Hitman 2 over the weekend on the PS2 – very addictive game! I’m normally not too sharp when it comes to the stealth-like games (i.e. Splinter Cell), but any game that allows me to whip out the guns and just charge in full throttle when I continuously blow my cover is still ok in my book!
  • The writing is still progressing along ok…I just don’t seem to have the time or motivation to get everything online as I’d like. I’ve written a number of editorial pieces on the current events that have been getting on my nerves lately, so maybe I’ll get a chance to put them online over the weekend. Last weekend I wasn’t exactly as productive as I was supposed to…with any luck I’ll get another shot and actually take care of business this time around!
  • Thursday Night TV Update: Kim got voted off Survivor, John got fired on The Apprentice – all in all, a quality night of reality television
  • “The Problem with Popplers episode of Futurama is on tonight – quite possibly the funniest episode ever! “They’re tasty, right – let’s call them Taste-ti-cles!I am sooooo looking forward to sleeping in Saturday morning! Man, do I need a vacation…

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