bigotry at the House of Mouse?

No, not exactly, but I found this posting earlier and it’s just been too entertaining for me to not share it tonight!

In a nutshell, a bunch of folks are peeved because Disney allows “Gay Days” to take place on their property and doesn’t do anything to “warn other guests of their presence.” Never you mind that it’s technically sponsored by the City of Orlando and not an officially Disney-sanctioned event, and never you mind that “technically” gay people are people, too. Some people are just intolerant jerks…

I think I’m going to make it a point to go next year, just to see what all of the fuss is about. I don’t even care about the lines – we’ll just go over for dinner & fireworks or something…should be a good show! 😛


  1. Wow, how hard is it to look on the internet and see if there are planned events you don’t want your children to be around? Take some fucking initiative, people.

    Plus, why should I (well, Disney) give the right-wing assholes (because I know not all Christians are this hateful) “advance warning”? Why should THEY get special treatment? Maybe they should post warnings when I come down, because I might flip them and their ignorant children the bird if they come anywhere near me..

  2. I went to gay days one year, there was a big fuss because some Republicans from Minnesota got stuck in one of the fountains trying to dodge some gay’cruitment volunteers. Really tragic, doncha know.

    I’m just a passerby, on my way, now. Cheers.

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