…I’ve seen better Julys…

Upon returning home this evening…

  • …an e-mail from my editor indicated that effective this week, my involvement with the paper will be reduced to a minimum and I’ll only be needed for a fraction of the paid writing that I’ve become accustomed to providing over the past two years.
  • …all of the bread in my apartment is apparently moldy and ruined, leading me back to the same, boring dinner that I’ve been enduring for the past several weeks.
  • …I did the math and realized that unless I can line up some new writing clients quick (which isn’t likely to happen), Bank of America won’t be getting paid off by my birthday in August after all.
  • …I watched some scenes from Fahrenheit 9/11 and despite the fact that I know a lot of it is subjective, I’m still disgusted by the words that came out of our President’s mouth.
  • …and on top of it all, I’ve got this splitting headache that just won’t for the life of me go away.Just for the record, I think I’ve been a pretty good sport despite of things this summer…how’s about saying enough with these storm clouds already?!

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