computer surgery

I replaced the NIC in my desktop PC tonight because I’m just plain tired of it losing its connection all of the time. It had gotten so bad that I’d actually created a separate folder on my desktop to save all of the files that I was working on from network drives to after the card went down and I would have to reboot to restore the connections. With the old 10/100 back in, I’ve got multiple torrents running, the FTP, and all of my usual IM and web apps, so I guess now we’ll see if that really was the problem…

I think this just really urks me because this happens to be the second port that’s died on this motherboard in the past couple of months (NIC in this instance is actually an onboard gigabit ethernet controller). A few months back, you might remember my parallel port crapping out one random day and I’ve been connecting my printer and scanner via USB ever since. I bought an ASUS because I always hear everyone raving about them, but so far I’m not impressed. I suppose it does have a three-year warranty, but you know what kind of a pain it would be for me to be without this computer for the weeks that it’ll take them to replace it?

Why can’t things that I buy just work right the first time?!

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