curious about cardio

Does anyone happen to know much about doing cardio exercise…specifically if there’s a set maximum duration to which after it’s not efficient for weight loss???

I’m wondering because I’ve been having trouble finding time to get to the gym over the past couple of weeks. For example, I was supposed to go tonight, but I didn’t finish up my work until just a few minutes ago and I decided that between bed now or bed after 1 AM, now would be better for keeping my job, which is also important! My original goal was to go every other day, which works out to about three times a week, but I usually end up pushing forward a day or two and it tends to screw with my overall schedule. I had conjured up the idea of penalizing myself an extra five minutes for every day that I missed, so that would make tomorrow night’s run a whopping 70 minutes plus cool-down…but if there’s a threshold to be met after a certain amount of time, I do have other things that I could be doing! 😛


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