Developmental Bliss…

I’m happy: Other than a few graphical selections, I think that I’ve finally settled on a new layout for the website.

Really, it isn’t changing all that much – mostly navigational modifications – and no, I’m not going with Flash!!! It took me about a day’s worth of messing with it yesterday to realize that my vision was insane for all that I wanted to do (it mostly involved planet / atom-like orbits for mouseover effects on the buttons…would’ve been cool, but oh well), so I’m going for a minimalists approach so that I can get this transformation done with and get back to actually writing again – NO MORE EXCUSES!

I’m also proud that in making these changes, I also learned some very rudimentary things about PHP that I should’ve picked up years ago…I guess that’s what you get for rushing into a project with only the deadlines in sight. Nonetheless, I’m guessing about a week or so for the conversion, depending on how crazy the next seven days become.

Progress – I’ve got ‘ye in range now…

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