Don’t Panic!

I just got back from the pool…

Sometimes I forget how much swimming helps to calm my nerves and clear my mind so that I can try to bring things back into perspective. It kind of makes me sad that in a few months, it’ll be too cold once again to go for a few laps at midnight! See why I’m desperate for my own pool when I finally make that house purchase?!

Anyways, things might be tight for a couple of months, but I guess until that call to the cable company gets made for a downgrade in service, I really can’t do too much complaining! BoA is going to be a challenge now, but it’ll get done nonetheless. I suppose if anything, this would be that lovely opportunity that I’ve been waiting for to explore other options with pushing my writing career on to new heights, eh Les? 😉

That said, look for v.2 of to pop online in the next week or so…finally. Oi vey…

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