El Desafortunado

So I finally got my car back yesterday…again…

Auto Repair Grand Total for the Month of May: $694.31

And just between you and me, I don’t care anymore. On my way home from work today, the check engine light came on and I almost just stopped the car and walked away right then and there. Now I know that up until these incidents, I’ve really gotten off pretty lucky with regards to maintenance issues…but this is just getting ridiculous!!! It seems to be mostly an idling problem, so I’m just going to dump some fuel additive into the gas tank and if it’s still acting funny by the time I get up north, then I’ll have my old mechanic look at it up there. Mark my words – I’m never going back to the place that I took it this time ever again!

Hell, I’m not even driving past it, just to be safe. :<

All of this ultimately puts me a little over another month behind in completely paying off my debts, but I suppose in the end, there’s really no use crying over spilt engine coolant. June will have to be a better month – it really can’t get any worse – and both July and August will come bearing an extra paycheck each between the two of my jobs, so it’ll be ok.

Just put me on the highway, show me a sign and for the next two weeks, we’ll try to forget all of this ever happened! 😉

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