So yeah, ummm, I got hit on by a dude tonight…

Talk about things that’ll catch you off guard!

I was walking back to my apartment with some things that I’d just picked up at the store when I passed this guy on the sidewalk. He said, “Whaz ‘sup?” I replied with the standard, “Hey, man…” and we both went on our manly ways…

Five minutes later, I’m putting stuff away and the doorbell rings. I’m certainly not expecting anybody, so I look out the peephole to see that same black guy standing at my door. “Maybe I dropped something,” I thought, so I opened the door. Apparently I did drop something, but not exactly what I was thinking!

The man looked me square in the eye and said, “I wanted to let you know that you have a great ass. I hope I’m not offending you or anything by saying that…”

Although a little stunned, I thanked him and he just walked away. Closing the door, I thought, “That was pretty nice of him. Albeit a little creepy, but hell, at least he was polite about it!”

Mind you, we’ll see just how well that I sleep tonight, knowing that the huge, burly black guy next door wants me on his team for all the wrong extracirricular activities, but hey, a compliment’s a compliment…right???


  1. Also, it should come as no surprise that this reminds me of an episode of Family Guy…

    Prisoner #1: Hey, hey – check out the new meat!
    Prisoner #2: Yeah – I like the fat one…more cushion for the pushin’!
    Peter: Thank you!!!
    Prisoner #3: Hey – you and me are gonna have a good time together.
    Peter: Gosh – everybody’s so nice here! I mean, you know, they’re going to be disappointed when they find out that I’m not gay and all, but wow…

  2. That’s such a great episode.

    A compliment is a compliment. I love gay guys. not in that gay sorta way. I find it extremely flattering when they hit on me. They are usually so forward and will tell you things like nice ass, etc. Don’t really get that from the ladies.

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