I should be driving now…

Well, I guess it’s time to finally hit the road. Sure, I’m technically running a little late, but you know what? It’s my vacation, damn it – I’ll get there when I get there! Last I heard, Michigan isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…no pun intended, but for those of you who are, like, waiting and stuff, I’ll be there as soon as I finish this list…

Current temperature here in Tampa: 86 degrees
Current temperature there in Michigan: 52 degrees
Time that I was supposed to leave: 8AM
Time that I’m actually leaving: 2:30PM
Time that I might make it to Atlanta, if I’m lucky: 10:30PM
Miles to get to my car: .1
Miles to get to Michigan: 1382
Number of bags that I’m taking: 7
Number of trips that it took to get said bags to the car: 3
Moment that I realized it’s time to stop procrastinating and hit the road: now

My next post will be from the blustery foothills of Northern Michigan…everyone think warm thoughts for me while I’m gone… 😛

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