Sometimes it feels like both a blessing and a curse when I come across a new television series past its prime that I haven’t seen yet. It’s not uncommon for me to sit down after finding the DVDs or downloading a new series and literally spend the entire weekend watching my new treasure – it happened with Sports Night, it happened with Dawson’s Creek (whew – that was a long one!), and most recently it has happened with Project Greenlight.

The DVDs have been sitting on my entertainment center for a few weeks now, but as soon as I put them in, I knew that the rest of my free time until they were finished was pretty much forfeit. I first got addicted to the series earlier this spring with season 3 (featuring Feast – the horror movie), so now I’m actually traveling back in time to season two (The Battle of Shaker Heights). There’s currently about two episodes left in the season to go, plus the movie itself, and the more I watch this show, the more I get pissed that it’s not going to be on the air anymore! I’ve always been interested to at least some extent with movie making, to a point where sometimes I wondered if it would be worth pursuing as a career, so for me this really is one of my favorite shows. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of the Affleck / Damon combo, so its fun to see them interact with the rest of the people trying to make these movies.

There are some shows that I know I’ve bought and probably only watched once since, but I really think that this set is going to get a decent amount of playback out of me – possibly even enough to justify going out and buying season one before too long. Hehehe – maybe I do have plans for New Years now after all… 😉

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