How I spent my New Years Eve…

So I finally got around to cleaning up the rest of the networking fiasco in my office – drilled some holes, coiled some cables, and generally made it so you can walk into the closet again without tripping over a huge rats nest of wiring…

power, phone, and desktop ethernet from the other room, plus cable for the Internet

grounded & surge-protected power for router, wi-fi access point, VoIP adapter and server PC

“the main hub”of my communications center!

  • 4-port broadband router
  • 802.11g wi-fi access point
  • VoIP adapter
  • cable modem
  • (top shelf) server PC
    (next addition will be a gigabit switch sometime this spring)
    and finally, expensive and slightly-overrated, yet still very cool wireless print server – no more cables draped across the room!!!

    Tomorrow – finishing touches on the entertainment center … what a geek won’t do to keep himself occupied… 😛

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