I miss The Screen Savers…

A little techno-nostalgia, with possibly some hope in the future!

Remember back when…

  • …you could actually visit their website for more information if you missed an episode?
  • …they brought on people like Bert Monroy, who’d drive you to launch Photoshop and “draw along with him”?
  • …viewers were actually encouragedto call in with their questions about linux and unix?Bah! Does anybody still watch G4TechTV???


  1. I’m scared to anymore. I did for a bit, but I kept waiting for the good bits to come along. Wasn’t long before I realized they weren’t planning on showing up, maybe hadn’t been invited to the party in the first place, maybe had something bigger and better on the schedule. Ah well. Gaming’s not about watching TV anyway, and Technology is not about sharing space with shows full of videogame cheat codes.

  2. Yeah – I knew that the final nail had been placed in the coffin when I pulled up TechTV On Demand the other night to see if anything of value was left. One particular episode of The Screen Savers opened with Kevin Rose and some blonde guy fighting with toy light sabres…which continued for like five minutes…and after a few more desperation-filled minutes spent searching through the episode for something even remotely technological, I quietly gave up and changed the channel. So much for reruns…

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