it’s always something, I tell ya…

Well, after four weeks and three system restores dating back to nearly June, my Windows Update lag issue seems to be fixed. At least I’m running bittorrent right now and am still somehow able to type, so that’s got to count for something…

It looks like now wi-fi is going to be on the fritz for a while – I was finally able to start using my own connection again this week after bumping down the encryption to just plain, old WEP, but now it’s back to this goofy thing where sometimes it can’t get a valid IP address from my router and obtains a private one instead…sans Internet access, of course. I honestly wish that I’d never bought that router and just stayed with Internet Connection Sharing because I’m constantly unplugging the thing to power-cycle and kick-start DHCP…and all of the message boards seem to agree that its internal server SUCKS, so I know that it’s not just me.

Any chance someone out there has some experience with Linksys products and getting them to work with one another successfully? It should be a pretty simple setup – just a broadband router and a 802.11g access point, with my cable modem plugged directly into the router. DHCP lease time is set to the max … the access point is the least stable, but sometimes my desktop or VoIP line will lose their IPs, too, and I don’t like the idea of having to pick up the phone every so often just to verify that it’s still actually working properly. The only other thing that I can think of is just turning DHCP off altogether and manually configuring IPs, but it seems like a pain and I’d like things to be simpler than that if I have guests over that want to jump on the network with their laptops.

I’m open to suggestions – help a fellow geek out! 😛

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