moving day #7 — THE LAST POST

Note to self: don’t put off cleaning until the last possible minute when moving out of next apartment!!!

Today was supposed to be the easy day – grab a few boxes from the kitchen, the rest of my clothes, then clean the place and be on my way – home in plenty of time to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, right? Wrong … dead wrong!

I had predicted that the entire job would take me about three hours. This figure is off by roughly 300% because I just got home an hour ago! I completely and utterly underestimated the cleaning aspect, I also completely underestimated the amount of stuff in my kitchen and had my car packed so full that things were falling on me during the trip up, and not to mention the fact that I didn’t even realize that the paint that I had brought wasn’t nearly light enough to “just blend in” with what was already on the walls for touch-up. I still did an ok job – having stayed until 2:00 AM, I think I can still safely say that – but I’m still banking on the hope that they’ll be gutting the place to “upgrade” it along with the rest of the units around mine and won’t care about some small scuffs on the walls, etc… At least I filled in my own nail holes… 😛

But back at Hunter’s Green in beautiful New Tampa, the refrigeratibles have been unloaded, the fish have been moved to a roomier location (and stand a good chance of dying, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow after I see if they’ve pulled through or not…), and now I’m just waiting for my pizza rolls to finish cooking so I can eat something and go to bed! Also, in case you’re wondering, work already knows that I’m not coming in until noon, so no freakish stunts there. The rest of the unpacking also needs to be done in the morning, unless I want to take all of this crap downtown with me, but we’ll see if I actually wake up on time first.


Anyways, I now no longer have residence at Baywater Drive, but I’m tired and dinner’s ready so I’ll reflect upon that at a later date. I’d say have yourselves a lovely evening, but everyone else is already asleep at this point… 😛

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