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October 29, 2005 12:47am
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You ever have one of those nights that seems just slightly out of focus? That was my evening, highlighted by a long-anticipated ring of the doorbell that could’ve turned my world back around, had there only been someone on the other side of the door once I got there. I’ve dreamed the scenario a thousand times before … here’s to hoping tonight was merely a practice run…

In the meantime, I entertained myself by watching Batman Begins and surprisingly I think it was every bit as good as those who’d seen it in the theaters had pronounced. I never really got much into the Batman franchise … aside from thwack – powww – blammm Batman … but this one might actually be worth adding to the collection…

And tomorrow I’m taking some time off to go to Disney World…yes, by myself. I had hoped for a little company to help ease my nerves, but it doesn’t look like things will be working out that way … and maybe that’s for the best because I’ve got a feeling that its going to be a pretty big milestone for me nonetheless….

I’ve got so many great memories of simpler times behind those gates, but at this point I guess I just hope that she’s still able to remember them from time to time, too.

If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star as dreamers do…

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  1. Well DUH, I’ll remember going to Disney World with you!

    And about Batman, saw it in the theater. That’s the last movie I saw at the cinema. Is that sad?

  2. scott says:

    a) swing and a miss…

    b) The last movie I saw in the theater was Star Wars – Episode III…don’t feel bad because Hollywood doesn’t make movies worth paying $8 to see anymore!

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