…STILL more DHCP problems…

Ok, so I’ve been playing computer all weekend, trying to bring things up to speed and fix every last little bother that I’ve been putting off lately. Address book entries from laptop have finally been copied over to my desktop, Google Earth, backup and other software previously disabled by the plethora of system restores are back to normal, but the same thorn in my side that I’ve been hating for three months now – DHCP – is still causing problems.

Now my laptop has no problems getting an IP that will connect it to the network (i.e. all shares are available), but it still can’t go online…which is weird because it was online just fine last night. I up’ed the number of available IPs within DHCP last night, even though that doesn’t make sense at all, but at this point I’m stuck just hoping that wiping the laptop and doing a fresh install will fix everything.

(Note that last night, DHCP assigned it an address automatically and it worked fine; today I had to manually request one and it gets to my network, but no Internet in sight. Any ideas??? Because I will father the children of anyone who can fix this damn thing once and for all and remove “DHCP” from my list of words that drive me insane…)

See, kids – this is why you’re supposed to keep your receipts for any electronics purchases! If I had, this thing would’ve so been back in Best Buy’s hands, like, two and a half months ago…

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