talk about a lazy weekend!

Well, I finally got past the “boring parts” in the latest Harry Potter book and let’s just say that I haven’t seen much of the light of day since! The bad news is that it kind of reminds me faintly of a cheesy romance novel (she likes him…who likes somebody else, but just to make her jealous…), but the good news is that I’m not really above that and have really been enjoying all of it so far! I’m about halfway through now already, though, so I suppose it won’t be too long before I’m back with the rest of the crowd, waiting for number seven… 😛

Also went up and drove around in search of more apartments today…to no avail. I did pick up some brochures that I’m going to look through tomorrow afternoon, but I think I’ve ultimately decided that if there’s any way for me to pull it, it would be best to just sign into another six-month lease here and deal with all of this moving nonsense later because I’m just not in the right headspace to be dealing with it right now. The manager here is supposed to be looking into the complaints that I originally filed in January, so I’m hoping such slip-ups might score me a renewal at my same rate, or at least something lesser than the atrosity that they were expecting before, and then I can just revisit this whole situation again next spring after things are in better focus.

But to end on a high note, I did get to watch the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight and Mr. David certainly didn’t fail to entertain – a sandwich come and gone, interruptions during intercourse, and the rumor that he may even be adopted … should be an interesting season!


  1. she likes him…who likes somebody else, but just to make her jealous…

    Oh come on, you can’t tell me high school wasn’t EXACTLY like that. XD I think people don’t like those parts because it reminds them too much of shitty middlöe/high school stuff. XD At least for me!

  2. I think that’s what frightens me – I do like those parts!!! They’re just much more obvious in this book than ever before – it’s weird to see the kids growing up. I passed the part last night when one of the bad guys called Voldemort’s mother a slut and had to do a doubletake – the Berenstein Bears certainly didn’t use language like that!

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