Why in the world am I up this late?!

November 7, 2005 4:02am
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Ok, so I had certainly planned on going to bed just a bit earlier than this…but then I found The Punisher on Showtime and I’ve been meaning to watch it for the longest time because it was shot in downtown Tampa. It was alright – a bit bloody for my own tastes, but at the same time it’s kinda neat to see the same streets that I drive down every day up on the big screen. Travolta’s character was also a huge jerk, but not nearly in a fun way this time (remember in Broken Arrow? “Please do not shoot at the thermonuclear weapons…” Now that was good cinema, but I digress…

Tomorrow will be a busy day, so I suppose at 4AM I should finally get some sleep. Writing another check and picking up keys in the morning, then hauling and unpacking the rest of the day. Maybe a little painting, perhaps some interior decorating … next step, here I come…

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