moving day #1 — SUCCESS

By golly, am I tired!!!

…and it’s not just because I only got four hours of sleep last night, either…honest! (Yeah – as you would guess, I ended up watching another movie last night after The Punisher…this one called New Suit which was VERY good, but that’s another blog post…) The official pick-up of the keys went flawlessly and I got a solid two trips of hauling done by day’s end. I figure I’ve probably got about one more left tomorrow and my office will be done, which by the way is going to be absolutely sweet once again! If there’s one thing that I’m really excited about, it’s finally having a sizable area to do all of my creative stuff again – I really think it’s going to help me get back on track with what I want to do: comics, writing, websites – you name it…

I’m going to try to get pictures put together tomorrow or the next day – Internet is supposed to get setup on Wednesday, unless I get around to tapping the neighbors’ unprotected wi-fi in the meantime (only two points here now, whereas the new place has three – I can’t be blamed if these folks aren’t better prepared! :)). The only down point was coming to find this morning that the owners hadn’t really done much to clean up the place before I moved in, but it’s really nothing that can’t be worked through. Overall, it was a good day and I look forward to picking up where I left off again in the morning!

I don’t necessarily look forward to the exercising that I’ve also commited myself to doing tomorrow, but again, that’s another blog post… 😛

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  1. Glad to hear that something finally went relatively smoothlessly. 🙂 And hey, keep up with the exercise, I am finally TODAY after a month of slackerness getting back into running. We can suffer together. XD

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