moving day #2 — HOT, BUT PRODUCTIVE…

November 9, 2005 12:02am
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I would’ve liked to have gotten more done today, but I keep telling myself that this is my “vacation,” too, and suddenly I don’t feel as bad about sleeping considerably later than I probably should have! I got an absolutely horrible night’s sleep because my air conditioner decided to stop working and I didn’t notice until it was too late to call maintenance. They ended up blaming it on me because I don’t change the filter every month like they say, but I have to wonder if they’d have been a bit nicer about it if I was sticking around… 😛

So I really only made one trip today, but computers are now all hooked up and awaiting Internet access; also unloaded my DVDs and with the additional shelf, it became clear that I need to emphasize movies on my Christmas list this year! First trip tomorrow morning is going to be pretty much entirely pictures / posters / lithographs / etc…, which is kind of sad because my apartment is starting to look really bare and empty again…mind you, the feeling doesn’t quite equate to when I moved here two years ago. I think the hardest part is just that it really hits home the Leslie Factor for me – she’s gone now and it won’t be long before her things are packed away in a box in the closet. Every once in a while the scenario will play through my head where she finally comes to see me, but I don’t live here anymore and the scene ends with her just in shock … I tell myself that if she really wants to find me, she’s still got plenty of ways to do so, but it’s still hard. Anyways, this wasn’t supposed to be a sad post, so I just hope that she’s happy now…she deserves nothing less…

Tomorrow is another day, though – the mid-way point of my week off – and with no television to distract me the entire evening, hopefully I’ll be able to make some progress for a change! As a side note: I’m still not happy with NBC this week, but for storyline reasons this time — we haven’t seen one of those huge sea monsters in, like, a month-and-a-half in Surface and the “big developments” between Pam and Jim that they’ve been promo’ing all week ended up just being yet another awkward moment that made Jim look stupid in The Office. Can somebody please turn off the repeat button so we can get on with these shows???

Good Lord – listen to me, I sound like a housewife who’s cheesed about her soaps! And on that note, we cue the music…

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  1. rickiep00h says:

    “Shit, you don’t know ‘Jungle Love’? It was only written by God herself and handed down to the finest band to ever walk the Earth: the mutha fuckin’ TIME!”

    “You mean the band from that shitty Prince movie?”

    anyway, I totally understand the moving out thing. I remember when that happened to me… but now I’m much happier, and I’ve got someone much, much better. and another someone on the way…

    and stop bitching about your damn soaps, ya frickin’ housewife.


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