10 Things I’ve Learned from 2006…

1. Communication and understanding are the two most important things in a relationship. Someone who you can tell literally anything to without worry of being judged is someone worth holding on to.
2. How your job makes you feel can directly impact how you feel about life in general and whenyou spend 40+ hours a week there, that’s just too much power to allow a job that doesn’t treat you right. If the job won’t change for you, change jobs altogether – you’ll be much happier in the long run.
3. There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing about the past from time to time, but don’t let dwelling on it stand in the way of living in the now. It’s called the past for a reason.
4. Just because everyone else disagrees with you doesn’t make you wrong. Believing in yourself is more important than swaying the popular vote.
5. Things don’t always go as planned – you can either let change ruin your day or you can go with the flow and make the best of things. In the long run, it’ll be a lot more fun to look back and laugh than to look back and realize what a jerk you were being.
6. No matter how down your last love leaves you, never give up hope that there are other fish in the sea. Also, don’t expect to catch that trophy fish until you get yourself back out on the water.
7. The right woman for me will let it slide that I just compared her to a fish in my last note. The trophy aspect is the only resemblance that they share, I swear…
8. Following one’s dreams takes focus, determination, and more time than you could ever predict. Let any one of these things slip and well, you end up seeing another year go by without any fruition whatsoever. Don’t let enough years go by like this to the point where you actually start second-guessing those dreams.
9. Learning from your mistakes may not make them ok, but at least it’s a little easier to live with yourself after the fact.
10. It’s worth the effort to try a few things outside of your comfort zone every now and then. While they may make you nervous or uneasy, usually it’s the best way to grow or expand on your horizons and nobody ever said that it was a requirement to compromise your own standing in the process.

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