Why I’m sick of Firefox…

January 2, 2007 3:28pm
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Nobody can explain to me why it’s doing this and every forum that I find even discussing Firefox’s “resource leak” issue is filled with diehards calling it a “feature,” not a bug. A) I’ve tried all of the “fixes” for this “feature” and none of them work. B) It’s not a “feature” if everyone in the known universe has to go in and turn it off. If historic caching truly is the source of this, then just freaking fix it – the concept only works “in concept” anyways, as that would slaughter any dial-up users’ experience just the same.

It’s sad when I’m considering going back to IE, but my web browser shouldn’t monopolize 50% of my CPU on idle.

For those curious, I have three browser windows open with mulitple tabs in each, but nothing that I see should consistently be a resource hog – 4 LiveJournal tabs, Digg & BoingBoing, a couple of forums, and some static pages that I’m doing web design on right now. Anybody got any other ideas on how to kill this beast???

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  1. javawombat says:

    gack! that can’t be right. I had firefox 2 open with lots of windows and tabs and couldn’t get it to use up that much of my CPU. Maybe it was something more specific? bleh, I dunno anything about that kind of stuff.

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