The Good

  • Wrote an entire column from start to finish last weekend and sort of got motivated to work on my writing again. Not sure when, but…
  • Kevin Smith tickets for 9/23 have officially been ordered!
  • Will be in Michigan two days from now. Absolutely can’t wait to introduce Sara to my family.

The Bad

  • Never seem to have enough time to do anything anymore, and I feel like I’ve been wasting a lot of the time that I do have on procrastination.
  • New pills are taking their toll on Sara pretty rough, and I haven’t been giving her as much support as I think I should be because of the stress.
  • Job is about as un-rewarding as it has ever been – I’m so unbelievably bored between the hours of 9am-6pm right now. It’s seriously just a paycheck to me right now, which makes me kind of sad because it didn’t use to be that way.

The Frustrating

  • Again with the not having enough time thing – maybe I just want to do too many things, but I can’t even bring myself to take a single one off the list to lighten my load.
  • Started off a new daily exercise plan on Friday and have already missed two days since.
  • No matter how much time I dedicate to cleaning each night, I always seem to find something that bothers me when I get up the next morning. Not sure if that makes me OCD or just anal…

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